May 29, 2010

The Look

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Oh what I would give to hone that skill of grace under pressure. In all fairness, I think I’m almost nearly there, but not quite graceful enough. There’s room to do better, and only god knows what my evil bubble thoughts were at that point in time when it happened. If thoughts could kill!

It happened to me just a few days ago in the office. I won’t detail it out, but let’s just say it was not the most pleasant especially when you are dealing with a Ms Almighty-Pretentious-Spoilt-Twat who speaks with an unnatural English accent and thinks she is god’s gift to the world. While I successfully (I think!) gave a stoic, nonchalant look in all that grace under pressure demeanour, I let off my steam via MSN concurrently to Aunt Antsy and Silver Bullet. They probably could see that my ears were steaming with smokes, and were kind enough to tolerate my rant.

The conversation after my rant while furiously typing on the keyboard with Aunt Antsy went like this:

Antz 헤니: Ok, u have 2 choices:
(and she began to list out what my choices would be)

Me: nah..i won’t go down to her level. I’ll be the gracious person

Antz 헤니: Good. Just ignore her lah … U give her that look u were so famous for…. 10 years ago. 😀

Me: what look? you mean I have THE look?

Antz 헤니: Yesh …. We all remembered …. being terrified of it. That withering, stare u down till u r worthless kinda gaze…. Scary! : 😀

Me: you serious?

Antz 헤니: U didn’t have to try very hard to scare us lah…. 😛 Dats y they all say I v brave to approach u (a total stranger not known for her outgoing nature-then) in school. On retrospect, it wasn’t that scary. But I thought I ought to deserve a medal.

Hmmm… I told her I would give her a trophy, instead. To that, she vehemently declined.

Nothing like brutal honesty between really good friends. I had to laugh really hard at “That withering, stare u down till u r worthless kinda gaze” quote.

Thinking back, I do remember “The Look” she described…simply because good old  friends don’t let me forget easily that I can get quite kuai lan and snobbishly bitchy when push comes to shove.I have known for a fact that I used to (or perhaps even still have!) a face people just hate. But, that was a long time ago. I’m all chilled out  and mellow now that I have been told I might have even achieved sainthood.

It makes me wonder , however, if I will be able to ever find back that look now. It might just be fun to try again! :p

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  1. Kim

    Its not all that hard to get your mojo back after all these years. You just need to … PRACTICE! =D

  2. karma babes..karma … ;D


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