May 24, 2017

It’s a Mad World

There is just no words. No words to say…

What happened in Manchester yesterday was just horrifying. The attack, a cowardly one. I’m sad, I’m angry and I’m disgusted. It’s appalling and I don’t understand how such a young suicide bomber could bring himself to do the things he did.

The news of the attack hit me right through my gut. I! Children! There were lots of children there…innocent, young lives who just wanted to go to a concert and experience a little bit of fun. Those who perished did not deserve death. Absolutely not!

As I read and watched the news, tears just ran down my face. It’s hard for parents…any parents to swallow this barbaric and selfish act. What has this world come to!

My heart goes out to the parents whom as of yesterday still have not heard from their kids nor have received any news of their kids’ whereabouts. My heart bleeds seeing the faces on the young kids who had been unfortunate enough to be at the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Source: The Sun UK

There is simply no words to express how I really feel. Rest in peace, angels. 

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May 22, 2017

Like A Stone

Category: Entertainment

Like retrieving a piece of article surrounded by a cobweb from years of neglect, I suddenly found myself engulfed by the many memories of my youth listening to grunge and alternative music when the news of Chris Cornell’s death made the headlines last week. 

Known as the pillar of grunge movement and was the front man of Sound Garden (later Audioslave), Chris Cornell’s voice had been one of my earliest constant music companion in my loneliest hours during my early adulthood.

Another one bites the dust. RIP Chris.And as you lay down to rest, go anywhere you want to go. Thank you for the music.



On a cobweb afternoon
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway I confess
I was lost in the pages
Of a book full of death
Reading how we’ll die alone
And if we’re good, we’ll lay to rest
Anywhere we want to go

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I’ll wait for you there
Like a stone
I’ll wait for you there

On my deathbed I will pray
To the gods and the angels
Like a pagan to anyone
Who will take me to heaven
To a place I recall
I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised
The wine was bled
And there you led me on

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I’ll wait for you there
Like a stone
I’ll wait for you there

And on I read
Until the day was gone
And I sat in regret
Of all the things I’ve done
For all that I’ve blessed
And all that I’ve wronged
In dreams until my death
I will wander on

In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I’ll wait for you there
Like a stone
I’ll wait for you there

Songwriters: Timothy Commerford / Chris Cornell / Tom Morello / Brad Wilk. Like a Stone lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Source: AZLyrics

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May 21, 2017

Sunday Humour: Moms Know Best

Category: Entertainment

6 years and counting:

Source: Google Image


That’s just the art of parenting. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. Especially not the kids.

Here’s to all moms (and dads) for knowing the best even when you didn’t have a frigging clue. We got this! 😉

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May 19, 2017

Friday Flavour: Pannenkoek (Dutch Pancakes)

Here’s something relatively simple: 4 ingredients, 5 steps.

It comes in the form of Dutch pancakes otherwise known locally as pannenkoek. Or in our household it is known as Papa’s specialty food since this is almost exclusively made by Silver Bullet.

Look who’s cheffing
One with chicken deli
All the plain ones ready for some sugar

It’s texture is a lot thinner than your average American pancake and is really quite different from the French crepes. It is the kind of food in which the Dutch would eat it for dinner and/or breakfast.  Sweet or savoury, your pick!

By that, I mean you can eat it with hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), raw sugar, poedersuiker (powdered sugar) or honey with a little butter on the side. Or you can top it up with meat and slabs of cheese or eggs. It’s versatile that way.

Once you have decided on what you want on top of it, you then stick a fork somewhere closer to the edge of the pancake and then roll it with your fork like a cigar. You then delicately cut and slice like a pro before putting it in your mouth.

That was my breakfast treat last weekend on Mother’s Day: Pancakes prepared by none other than Silver Bullet – not because it was Mother’s Day but because it is stuff like this that makes the kids excited. Ok. Me too. Especially when I feel a little pancakey.

Pannenkoek (Dutch Pancakes)
Yields 12
An easy Dutch pancake made with only 4 ingredients!
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 250g wheat flour
  2. 2 large eggs
  3. Half liter of milk
  4. Pinch of salt
  5. Some butter for frying
  1. Mix all the ingredients together. Whisk well.
  2. Heat up a flat pan. Smear a little butter and when it's hot enough, spread the batter onto it
  3. Let it brown and then flip over.
  4. Let it brown again then remove. Set aside
  5. Repeat till all the batter is finished.
  1. If you want to add other stuff onto it, add your additional ingredients on top of it when you flip over. Then cover it to make sure that it's cooked.Yes, you can top it up with absolutely anything!
Grubbs n Critters

Dutch pannenkoek made by a Dutchman in a Dutch home living in Dutch land…hmmmm… You have to admit that one cannot get anymore authentic than this.

This is probably one of the shortest recipes I have ever featured and there’s no way you are not going to give it a try. It’s Silver Bullet’s not-so-secret family recipe. It’s going to be our family heirloom and Squirt will have to learn to make a very mean Dutch pancakes one day.

Now that this not-so-secret recipe is in your hands, you also have a very big responsibility to keep calm and carry the recipe on.

Psssst: Spread the word.

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May 18, 2017

Today in History

In the Gregorian calendar, May 18th is the 138th day with only 227 remaining days before the new year starts. This date is also likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday versus the weekends and its likelihood to fall on either a Tuesday or a Thursday is slightly less.

At least that’s what Wikipedia says. 

18th May was also the day when:

  • Apollo 10 was launched (1969)
  • Mount St Helens erupted in Washington (1980)
  • An American singer-songwriter and guitarist Jack Johnson was born (1975)
  • It fell on a Thursday today

Those amongst other things.

Perhaps the lesser known fact was that 18th of May (2016) also happened to be the day we left Bangkok for good and made our way to the Netherlands. It was a Wednesday.

It was the day we tearfully bid farewell to everything we knew about life in Thailand. It was the day we said our last goodbye,  leaving behind the familiarity of life as well as an empty shell of an apartment in which we were living in for a good 6.5 years. 

The Living Room where we last stood. To the right of it is a large guest room with a connecting bathroom
The memory of us leaving in our regular travel-taxi still lingers

That was it. We have not look back.

11 hours flight later with 2 kids, 3 cats, 7 suitcases and a nasty eye infection in tow, we landed at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands at about 6.45pm. We were greeted by Dutch hugs and kisses from Silver Bullet’s family, his family friends and his good friend. 

It marked a beginning of an end. A fresh beginning to start life anew. A new life experience as we decidedly soak up our feet into the unknown. It was sometime this year right about this exact hour.

Oh what a year it has been! What crazy, crazy year and what chaotic time this has been. Not only for me, but for all of us as we try to ease into a new life, the language, the weather and trying to make some sense out of the new routine we have.  

This transition has not been easy. It took a toll on me physically, emotionally, mentally and as much as I try not to let it affect my mental state, some days it just does. Ironically, today I am also just about recovering from a newly-minted eye infection in both my eyes.

It came back to haunt me about a week ago and this time, I got it from my son. It was also a funny coincidence that this happened at almost the same time I caught the infection from Spud prior to our move last year. I’d say up to the day!

Fortunately, it was not half as bad as I had it before. But still as annoying. I just don’t understand why. The groundhog timing is just too creepy.  I mean, what the hell?!

I blame it on the weather. And the full moon. Of course it’s the moon! 

Seems like the immunity in my body has been down. Not only  did I get Squirt’s eye infection, I also developed a bit of a skin condition in the last few months. Just 3 weeks ago, my whole head broke out in bad acne, causing my whole face to swell up.

The diagnose for that was bacterial infection. As with my eyes. 

The GPs seem to think I”m super stressed and not getting enough rest. For that reason alone,  I’m very much vulnerable and susceptible to get sick. Excuse me? Me? Stressed? Lack of sleep, long commute, the rush to the daycare, toxic workplace, chores…how are all that stressful?

That could never, ever be. I mean… I’m NOT stressed. Never ever. At.All. Honest.  

A year on out of Bangkok and we are still adjusting. I reckon the adjustments will last a little while more especially since my hormones seem to be out of whack. My face is looking like I’m undergoing puberty once again. On the other hand, it can’t be early menopause can it? 

At this point in time, all I can do is hope that things could only get better from here. It has to. After all, it’s 18th May once again.

18th May in a different year; marking the day of reckoning in pursuit of building a new history with a fulfilling life story.

Let today be the day where we rid if any negative energy harming our way. Go. Shoooo! I mean the negative energy. Not you reading this. You stay just where you are.  Right on this blog then just start clicking around. I really  would appreciate that.

And thank you for staying and hearing my roooaaaarrrrrrrrr! rant. OK. Rant over. 

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