September 15, 2011

Say NO to sharks’ fins

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Say what you will about sharks’ fin being a status symbol, but I have, for years and years boycotted the consumption of sharks’ fin soup. I don’t care how expensive it is, or how much more status anyone can get by serving sharks’ fin soup, and I still will stand by my decision not to ever consume it.

This video here seconds by sentiments about not eating sharks’ fin, and I applaud  Ramsey’s spearheading this project, even getting buy-ins from Chinese restaurant owners not to serve the dish.

I feel the sickness in my stomach as I watched how brutal those sharks are killed, and being thrown back into the sea to drown, unable to fend for themselves.(Don’t give me grief about cows, and chickens suffering the same fate, because, as far as I am concerned, those animals are bred to be consumed, and are not endangered species)Watch this video here if you have 14:48 minutes to spare.

I hope we all can do the right thing – protect the sharks, and stop glorifying sharks’ fins as status symbol.

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  2. haa..haa! Thank you! 😀


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