September 14, 2011


Category: Thaism

As I was closing the door behind me after I climbed into the back seat of a taxi the other day, I cringed in utter repulsion upon realizing that I had inevitably landed my hand onto something that should not have been left there in the first place.

What looked like innocent leftover rubbish left on the side door of the cab was actually a piece of scrunched up tissue paper covered in what looked like blood.

A piece of tissue paper, smeared with gobs of blood. It was appalling. (And I had my hand accidentally wrapped around it as I was pulling on to the sides to close the door. Ewwwwwwwwwww!)

Not only it was clearly unhygienic, it is also common knowledge that rubbish do not belong there, and that a responsible commuter should not just leave their trash behind.People can really be so irresponsible and inconsiderate sometimes.

Needless to say, I was cursing and swearing at whoever that person who left their trash behind for me to find.

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  1. I will be SO paranoid if I were you! Gross!

  2. Well…I was! But I had it all watered down to prevent me from going ballistic while in the cab. I scrubbed my hands with a few variety of handwash soaps and sanitizer the moment I got home! It was ewwwwww….! (an i’m not OCD, but yes! it was gross)

  3. Vicky

    Soak yourself 10x in Dettol! :p


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