July 12, 2016

A Re-Blog: The World Is Burning

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The title of this post screamed to be read. 

Given that this was written by Ah Dad, I had thought it was going to be one funny post. As I read further, I got a little confused as there wasn’t a trace of his usual punchlines that would get me into a laughing fit. 

Instead, this piece came with a rather serious undertone on what the f*  is really happening to us, with no hope for humanity. It’s a piece I have enjoyed reading and the excerpt below struck a chord with me:

SourceImage taken off Ah Dad’s Blog

What lessons are we teaching our kids?  What legacy are we leaving behind?  What do they think when they watch the headlines flashing across all the social platforms? And where are the great leaders of the world?  The people who should inspire the rest of us to be better?  Maybe they’re extinct…

And then it struck me!

I am the one who needs to be the inspiration.  If only for my own children.  For the people I react with.  I need to be the one who sets the example of tolerance, of love, of patience.  I need to be one who believes in the good of man.  I need to refrain from forming narrow minded stereotypical assumptions of the things I see.  I need to have faith that a few bad apples are not representative of the fruit basket that is mankind.

And that’s how we turn the tide.  How we generate positive thinking.  How we don’t lose hope.  It all starts with me.  And you.  Because the world doesn’t have a reboot button. What happens happens and it’s happening now.

Parents need to be the hope in the face of hopelessness.

There! Right there. Parents need to be the hope in the face of hopelessness. And he could not have worded it better.

Read the original The World Is Burning Post by Ah Dad. 

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  1. I’m sorry for the confusion and interruption of humour…normal programming will commence shortly…

    • Yayyyy! 😀 :p
      It was a really nice post, though. I just had to re-blog. My apologies if my comments on my post had offended you in any way. tsk.tsk.

  2. So very true. It’s up to us to become the good leaders our kids need in this world. We need to try to make that little bit we can influence better, so they see that we try. They see that you can change this world, step by step. For sticking up what is important to you. A great post from Ah Dad… and by you! Good on both of you!

    • Thanks Sandra! I thought it was a great post from Ah Dad, too! Kids emulate their parents and we could and should be leading by example. Small changes, but important nevertheless.

      That said, yesterday’s event in Nice just make Ah Dad’s post even more important!


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