October 13, 2016

A Re-Blog: Too Many Trees

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When I read the title of  the post from A Momma’s View, I thought she was going to touch upon trees, nature and/or something along the line of global warming. Complemented by the image below, it could easily be that, but it wasn’t any of those.

Instead, Sandra touched upon something that’s a little closer to my state of being: Sometimes not being able to see any real solutions and feeling numb, having been so caught up in issues such that “you can’t’ see the forest for the trees” 

Read more of Too Many Trees by A Momma’s View.

As I stared at the image before continuing to read the rest of the post, 2 perspectives conjured up in my head:

Perspective #1:

Breathing in waves and waves of fresh air, and each breath gives me a new vision of the possibilities that could emerge from the narrow gaps in between the trees.

Outcome: Uplifted, refreshing, purposeful.

Perspective #2:

Getting so low with each and every barren-looking woods, fearful by the vastness of the forest and utterly lost from the many directional gaps in between the trees of which way to go. 

Outcome: Fearful, dejected, insecure

Reading on, she quoted a feeling that had stirred within me in the last few days :

“I know how it feels. I know how it feels when you are well, when life is good, when you are happy, when everything goes according to your plans.I also know how it can make you feel when things don’t go smoothly.

One other quote accompanied the prose at the end of it; as if reading my mind of what I thought earlier about perspectives. 

For most times, things have mainly gone according to plan, albeit in a haphazard way sometimes. Yet, despite the swirls, bumps and humps, we got to the general direction where wanted to be. And, when life is generally good and happy, Perspective #1 comes into play.

Credit: Google Image

On the other, when everything seemingly almost going to shites, Perspective #2 presents itself quite gallantly. Then you feel like things which you have built and hope for just came crashing down, with no  solutions or end in sight: That was me two weeks ago.

Until earlier this week, I did nothing about it except letting that uneasy feeling eat me up after a couple of emails that were completely ignored. I figured I got nothing to lose  this time – I emailed (again), I called, I dropped a Watsapp message.

With my last text message, I immediately reframed my perspectives of gloom and doom and thinking that everything was about me to: if the contacts in question continue to ignore all the possible means of me getting in touch as I was expected to, then the action (or non-action) reflected more about the individuals than about me.

Just like that, the things I was looking at changed. I relaxed, I let go.

A day and a half later, the response of simple acknowledgement I have been waiting for came through.

Naturally, it was not all the gloom and doom paranoia I had in my head and even if it was, the reframing I did was probably the most powerful exercise I could have done to save myself from my own toxicity.

The reframing of the mind is a powerful thing. What have you reframed recently?


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  1. Thank you so much for building such a great post on one of mine! The mind is a powerful thing… and we for sure need to keep track of it. Letting go is what helps. It’s the most difficult thing to do but it will free us up to act differently and be open for what returns…

    • Oh no..thank YOU, Sandra for the inspiration to write on. πŸ™‚ In fact, I have read several of your posts in the recent months which have given me “jolts” and I just couldn’t get on it quickly enough. By the time I thought about writing it, I can’t remember anymore and I want to choke myself :/ ;p
      You are a gem! πŸ˜€ x.

    • You two are so right. We can easily lose focus on the big picture from focus too much on the minute details. I had a few moments in the past week alone where I changed my own perspective, I saw the big picture, the whole forest. It is indeed refreshing and eye opening!

  2. Oh, so true. How we program our minds molds us and makes the life we live.

  3. I’m at #2 currently and no matter how much I tell myself to brush it off, those little voices in my head won’t let me. I guess when I get tired of my own petty party I’ll move on. But for now… πŸ™
    Great post though! Food for thought. XO

    • You sound like me….half glass empty – that’s my nickname. :p Gloom everything doom. Hahhahaha!
      I hope wherever you are at, Jas try to not listen to those voices in your head – unless they tell you to cook really nice stuff and send it to me. ;p
      Big hugs and kisses to you to tide you over, Jas! xoxoxo.


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