July 5, 2014

The one with long eyelashes

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For someone like me who happens to not be one of the fortunate ones to be blessed with long, thick, curled-up lashes when I was born, I tend to resort to unnatural means to “enhance” them. Enhancements include:

  • using eyelash curlers
  • spending tons of money on mascaras that promise long, curly, voluminous lashes
  • and in the recent years since I discovered them – getting them permed-up

I only stopped myself short in getting extensions.  I think they are cumbersome and I don’t quite like the super-fake effect.

There’s something about long, curled up lashes though; making the eyes look even prettier being the most obvious one. Hence, I appreciate the beauty of long, curled lashes and naturally, I shamelessly swoon at the sight of eyes that bear them.

One of those fortunate beings are my kids, who have been blessed by my husband’s Dutch genes. The curls and slightly longer lashes are more pronounced with Squirt than with my girl, Spud, and I do get mesmerised by them. With my penchant for pretty eyelashes, he melts my heart that little bit more every time this little dude flutters his eyes.

While sitting on my lap one evening as Squirt was drinking his milk, I decided to try taking a few shots from my-what-seemed-like-a-vantage-point to capture those  long, beautiful lashes.


Luckily for a boy, he won’t ever need to waste money on mascaras or eye-lash curlers. How I love those lashes! Au naturel too!

This little dude doesn’t have any idea how those tiny, insignificant hairs on the eyelids can be such a huge deal yet (sshhhhhhhhh!), but I bet that he would have girls (or boys if they are into such things)  swooning over him and his lashes in his older age.  As his mother, I could only hope that he behaves!

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