February 24, 2011

Finger Food

Category: Baby Food

We were just trying out introducing baby finger food to Spud a couple of weeks ago to see how she takes to them. With google search and a weaning book as our bible, we picked out 3 types of food and lay it all for her to pick and choose.

She picked out the watermelon first and immediately started gnawing on it with her toothless gum. I am not sure if she likes it, and I guess at that point in time she can’t decide either! The steamed broccoli and baby carrots were left completely untouched, and when I put the carrot in her hands, she immediately let go of it after putting it in her mouth while giving us a funny look on her face.

Her attention span to finger food lasted a grand total of 2 minutes before she’s had enough of it all and wanted to get out of her high-chair. (read: cranky and check out those eye-bags again!)

I guess we can always try again next time. My only gripe about giving her finger food is that because it is only the introductory stage and I prepared it fresh, we ended up wasting food quite a bit to avoid keeping it for too long (paranoid that the food being spoilt).

Tell me that’s normal?

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  1. ITS NORMAL!!!

    I used to put aside some of the stuff I was cooking for us for her. So I don’t have tp prepare a portion specially for her. I gave up preparing her portion because most just ends on the floor. Now she takes most of the stuff we take.

  2. Haa haa! I guess it is normal!

    Curious to know the types of “adult food” you share with her too. 🙂

  3. we give her everything. chunks of meat, vegetables, pasta, rice, fruit. just remember to skip the sodium for now!

  4. thanks for the tip! but I guess she’d need some teeth for those chunks of meat though, right?


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