July 11, 2015

Electrical items need to last longer…because money don’t grow on trees.

Fans– we can’t live without them in this country. No, I’m not talking about Facebook fans or fans of your blog: rather the actual, physical electrical fans that spout out air and blow wind into your face. Yeah..THAT fan.



Maybe we have been unlucky, but it seems that we are always replacing our electrical appliances every other year. From fans, to coffee machines to microwave ovens, I don’t think they have lasted for more than 2 years in our home. And, in the last 2 months, we have had our fans replaced 3x: 1 for each room because they all decided to take turns to go completely kapoot.

Our microwave oven would probably be the next one have to be replaced soon. For a year now, we have been living with its dial that doesn’t quite work anymore and every once in a while, it starts microwaving on its own without anything inside (I know what you are thinking. No, it’s not the doing of any ghosts.) And it has only been less than 2 years old.

The price range of these electrical items did not seem to matter. We have tried the cheap ones and we have paid a premium for one or two thinking they would last longer, but they ALL seem to stop working after only 1 year of usage.

Has quality of these electrical appliances gone from bad to worse? It’s not like we are reckless when we use them, too. It’s a marketing ploy to make consumers buy more often, isn’t it? Or is this just more prevalent in Thailand?

Unfortunately dear marketeers, we don’t have money that grow on trees! So please make them last a lot longer. Like at least 20 years. But of course, why would you do THAT!

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  1. Silver Bullet

    Looks like the DTS Receiver is next….

  2. I agree with you about electrical products not having durability that we should be able to expect. I think mine have had more longevity than yours but earlier this year we had to replace a 3 year old microwave. And now our vacuum cleaner is broken.

    • I would have thought 3 years is not nearly long enough for a microwave. 5 years at least. But after experiencing the short life-span of electrical items here, 3 years seem quite reasonable. Don’t you hate it when things get broken one after another!

  3. That’s exactly right! A salesman once told me they make them so that they would go bad after a year or two. How else would they stay in business if they lasted 20 years, right? It is annoying though, isn’t it? They still charge an arm and a leg, ugh.

    • Annoying, isn’t it! It’s a marketing ploy or the companies will not make any money from scrooges like me. :p

  4. Have you had your homes electrical system checked out? Power surges and inconsistent voltage will wearout appliances and other devices quick. I’m not saying that the appliances are to blame, but there may also be other issues if its most appliances around the entire house.

    • Hmmm…never really thought about that. We don’t do the checks as our building usually does the maintenance. Perhaps worth asking them to check! Thanks for the tip, Luke!


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