March 24, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane

Category: Critter Stories

It was one of those days.

Spud was barely 2.5 years old and I lost my head because she was being painfully defiant. I don’t quite remember what happened that upset my balance, but given my patience, I got utterly mad at her because I thought she simply wasn’t listening.

I then walked away while trying to prep stuff up in the kitchen. I remember still being fuming mad while at it.

As I peered out of the safety gate that separated the kitchen from the main area, wondering what she was up to after a royal scolding from me, I saw that Spud had her back turned to me. I called for her, and as she turned around to face me, I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry … she had smeared a good dose of ink all over her face, particularly her mouth.

IMG_3136 (1)
IMG_3137 (1)
IMG_3138 (1)

Trying to control my emotions, I turned away. I was supposed to still feel mad, if not madder and Silver Bullet, who was very wary of my impending reaction, quickly took her away to clean her up. (and took a couple of shots before actually cleaning her up!)

Meantime, I put my head in the fridge…and I chuckled. Then just like that, I was laughing at the sight I saw till tears rolled down my eyes.

My anger quickly dissipated when I realised that she probably was just imitating me putting on my lipstick;  except that she did her lips with a (washable) marker pen. And black of all colours, perhaps trying to get that goth look. It was one of the most hilarious and innocent sights I have ever seen.

And then it dawned on me that Spud was just doing what Spud did best – she was being a 2.5 year old toddler. I still don’t remember what it was that she did which made me so, so mad and I guess,  I was being an unreasonable idiot of a mom.

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  1. So hard to stay mad at such an adorable face! How do you manage?

    • Wooohooo! Thank you Ritu! 😀 Actually already have this, so I’ll add your name to my previous post. 🙂


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