July 1, 2011

Tiny feet!

Category: Baby Essentials

I had to take a double-take as I passed by our shoe-rack when I saw this from the corner of my eyes:

Tiny little pair of sandals for tiny little feet placed amongst several pairs of not so tiny shoes…I mean.Wow. Just wow.

OK. Actually, very WOW.

I realised that not only it looked quite strange to me (hey! I never have baby shoes in my house before!), it was also an image I am not used to. It felt so weird being jolted by such a sight that I actually stopped short in my track, widened my eyes and smiled, thinking; “How strange. Where does THAT come from” to “I really have to get used to this one!”

It took a while to register all of that, but as soon I got over that fact,  the realization of Spud’s reign of babydom being almost over, hit me soon enough. In my head, she’ll soon be this bumbling toddler, whose presence will be more ubiquitous (not that it is not already!) as she claims the right to every single square inch of space in our humble home.


Spud, our once-not-so-easy baby is about to step into toddler hood. An over-active, talkative, bumbling toddler who can be quite the drama queen will soon be making her mark (not that she has not already). More bruises and bumps and exciting times ahead as the house may be transformed into some manic chaos.

But I digress. I was talking about tiny little shoes. I had to buy them last weekend as Spud has shown great enthusiasm to walk and walk and walk. She likes being walked and she enjoys gripping your hand, walking wobbly with her stomach and butt both tucked out.
I figured, given her penchant of going around outside the house bare-feet, it is about time we get Spud a pair of really soft shoes!

What surprised me was how expensive a pair of baby’s shoes can be. I saw this brand called “Peds” acclaimed as baby’s best first shoes, and they will set you back by almost 3000 baht! (~SGD 120).  That is just insane money for something that can only be worn for less than a month.

While I do agree “Peds” seems like a good brand to start with (it felt soft, and sturdy and all), I still think it was crazy money. I ended up with something from Mothercare instead. It was on sale and it cost me no more than 400 baht! (~SGD ~16)

And it looks quite funky. Reminds me of my TEVA. My favourite pair of outdoor sandals which I believe have been taken off th emarket for quite sometime already as I cannot find them anywhere anymore!

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  1. Vicky

    Tiny compared to Daddy’s but already half the size of Mommy’s! And she’s not even 1 yet! 😉

  2. You are right, I didn’t see that’s almost half of mine! She does have big feet, but I reckon it will prob. take at least another 12-15 years before she gets to mine lah! :p

    If it doesn’t, I think I shld stat worrying!

  3. Vicky

    I don’t think it would be that long. My bet is on when she’s still in Pri school. 😉

  4. She’s gonna be one of those with GIANT feet! bwahhahahahhhaaaaa!


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