March 5, 2011

“That Phase” feeling

Like it or not, this country can tire you out.

Every once in a while, that “I-need- to-absolutely –get-the-&%#$-out-of –Thailand- pronto” feeling creeps up to me unannounced. I realised it usually happens when I have been “cooped up” in this country for more than 3 months at a stretch. I remember I almost went crazy last year after not being able to travel anywhere out of Thailand when I got to my 3rd trimester. I call it the “That Phase Feeling”.

It is also during this time when I would bitch and moan about everything and anything about Thailand and the sundry that comes with it. It is also my one dark phase when I’ll feel constantly antagonized, ranting just about anything and everything Thai and Thailand (poor Silver Bullet’s ears!)

It is, but a phase I go through every now and then. When it gets like that, I know it is time for us (or mostly for me) to get out of here for a while for a change of scenery.

I can attest though, while “That Phase Feeling” has been lingering about me for a few days now, it still is not as bad as how I felt a couple of years ago.

I guess, it helps that besides Spud being the constant distraction, the blow is softened from the fact that I can start doing a 4-day work week for the whole of this month! It turned out that I still have some leftover vacation leave from last year, and so, I need to use them before end of March or risk losing them altogether! Sweet.

On top of that, Songran is coming up in a month’s time. That usually means, like the previous years, it will be one big vacation for us over a long public holiday period in Thailand. It really is a great time to go vacationing without taking too much off days. Get this:  we only need to take 5 days of vacation leave to get a 2 weeks fully-paid vacation day! It will be a shame not to plan anything at all, and if anything, it is a crime to BE in Thailand during that time.

For that, we already have something planned for there is definitely somewhere else we have to be.

While I’m a little anxious of having to travel long haul with an infant, I am certainly so looking forward for the fact that we will actually be getting OUT of Thailand for a little bit. Can’t wait.

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  1. mum Josephine

    we can’t weat either!

  2. Silver Bullet

    Can’t weat?

  3. I do think it’s just a typo for wait. 😀


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