October 28, 2009

Sweet surprise

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As soon as I got home today, I realised that I had absent-mindedly left my mobile phone in the office. Not exactly my first time, but in my defense, it’s not something I’d do very often on purpose. Sometimes, I just forget and don’t even realise that I don’t have my phone or my wallet with me in my bag! I can be quite terrible at such things and always forgetting where I put my stuff. This time though, I’m blaming it on my feverish brains for the past 2 days.

It’s not until I needed to call Silver Bullet to tell him he doesn’t have to pick me up on his way back because I’m already home, did I realise I didn’t have my cell phone with me. The thing is, I can’t quite call him from home because we do not have a land-line phone in our apartment. How convenient right! I wasn’t worried or anything as I’m certain my phone is somewhere on my desk. But, I logged on to MSN anyways, just to check with my colleague who was still in the office. The moment she saw me online, she informed me of my cell phone and that she picked up a call from Silver Bullet and talked to him. Apparently, Silver Bullet told her he’s gonna drop by my office to pick up my phone.

My first thought is thinking that Silver Bullet is mad! It’s insane because the route from where he comes from and going to my office just doesn’t make sense. The roads here are just illogically constructed – add traffic to that…boy! Goodbloodyluck! To add to that, there’s no way of me contacting him either. Usually, when I said “he’s picking me up after work”, I mean that he is picking me not at my office, but rather on the opposite side of the road, about 10 minutes walk from my office before I can hitch a ride with him towards home.

Picked up my phone sweet Silver Bullet did, and all this while I’m chatting with my colleague online telling her to tell Silver Bullet to forget about it if he calls again. I know I can retrieve it back the next day anyway.

I’m still thinking it was unnecessary of him to do that, illogical route and crazy traffic and all… but, really, it was such a nice gesture that I’m counting my blessings, and falling in love all over again. It’s a small gesture, but it says a lot. I’m not getting all emotionally wired, but I’m just blogging it so if I ever forget (which I just might and I don’t want to), I can then remind myself and remember this little act of the husbandly kindness from this very post.

Silver Bullet is the sweetest, shiniest silvery bullet ever! Perhaps I should fall sick more often…this way I get pampered to no end! Sweet. ;D

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  1. LOVE!


  2. Silver Bullet

    Awwww…. :D. I’m blushing :p.
    But no need to fall sick more often ok? I can pamper a little bit more while you’re healthy!
    By the way, how’s it I’m shiny? I know I don’t have lots of hair on my head, but I don’t have a shiny glistening scalp, do I?

  3. Kim

    Awwwwww………………. !


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