October 25, 2009

Fish Spa

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This was a pretty strange experience…weirdest 30 minutes dip in a tank I’ever had in my life!

We decided to try this natural exfoliating experience of the feet by these Garra Rufa after our foot reflexology session just out of curiosity. Otherwise known as the Doctor Fish, these tinies will immediately nibble away on those dead skin the moment you put in your feet and hands into the water.

I was a little hesitant at first; mostly because of the icky factor governed by my head and the fact that I’m skeptical of its healing benefits, but decided to give it a go nonetheless. It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling, but it wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be. I felt ok as long as I looked away from the tiny fish nibbling away on my feet, but immediately felt an utmost sense of ickiness the moment I look down and concentrated on what they were trying to do. I guess it really is about mind over matter…

It’s hard to describe the actual experience, except that it felt really, really strange. I have to admit that at the end of the half hour session, my feet felt so clean and sanitised as if I have just been given a fresh layer of skin! Still, it was just amazingly strange…

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  1. Was it tickling?? My Dad says it hurts sometimes..!

  2. hurt? did he get a mini shark? :p

    it was actually VERY ticklish for the first 5 minutes for me – couldn’t stop laughing! It didnt hurt at all. apparently, these uys have no teeth too!

  3. Too squirmish around fishes to try this one!

    Did you know someone got a nasty infection from this fish spa in Singapore? Apparently, the fish ate off someone’s infected feet!

  4. What?! Yikes! Didn’t hear about that, but sounds real nasty that!


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