January 13, 2009

New Oxford Dictionary (Singapore Edition)

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This came in my inbox, courtesy of Vicvanwinkle. Singlish still rocks!

1) LILY – adverb. extremely, really.
“Wah, you lily can sing well ah!”

2) VALLEY – adverb. extremely (same with lily), very.
“Look! My Versachee belt, valley nice hor?”

3) GORGES – adj. stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, normally found with valley.
“Wah! Ah Beng’s girlflan is valley gorges leh!”

4) CORAL – verb. to bicker, quarrel
“Why, you not happy, ah? Want to coral, is it?”

5) REEF – (normally followed with coral) to argue with.
“You lily wantto coral reef me ah?”

6) ALTITUDE – adjective. a disagreeable demeanour, attitude
“Ah Lian Lily got a bad altitude ploblem”.

7) CIRRUS – adjective. certain. serious
“You cirrus or not? Dun bruff!”

8) CANOPY – phrase. impossible, cannot be
“He bought new handphone? Canopy lah! Where got money?”

9) OLDLADY – adjective. completed, already
“Wah…you finish oldlady ah.”

10) SUIT – verb. to project forward, shoot
“Suit! Suit! See goalkeeper come out oldlady.”

11) SOW – verb. to reveal, show
“Sow me, sow me your new ting.”

12) LOAD – noun. a path normally made up of gravel & tar, road
“We go Orchard Load leh.”

13) BLINK – verb. deliver, send, bring
“What you blink for me? Sow me, sow me.”

You like the above joking or not harr? Got some more?

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  1. Celia

    Hahaha……bery funny indeed! Thanks for sharing this joke ah….heehee


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