January 15, 2009

Malaysia did it again!

Malaysia has again helped elevate Islam as a horrendous religion to the world by taking the “Islamic law” into their own hands. 6 strokes of cane to a woman for drinking beer? Granted that drinking alcohol is haram in Islam, but 6 fucking strokes of cane? Ridiculous!

Only to shame and not to inflict pain , they say! Why don’t they just ban the selling of alcohol at all establishments in Malaysia so no Muslims can get their hands on these evil drink. But oh! It won’t be fair for non-Muslims, people might say, and besides, Malaysian Muslims can still hop over to the neighbouring countries to get their fill of these satanic beverages! Then, why don’t they just ban Malaysian Muslims from leaving the country too! God knows what they will be up to that’s all frowned upon in Islam, if they ever leave the safe haven of Syariah laws.

Oh, the size of the cane seemed relatively harmless, by the way. Wonder where on the body will it be admistered? On the backside or on the plam of the hand, or shoved it up the arse? Don’t worry, you are allowed to have your clothes on!

Wake up, you dumb-wit, backward dingbats! Do you really think these people will be ashamed? If anything, they will be more prejudiced against Islam, all thanks to you! Surely this is not the way to go. Only a few months ago the Syariah court in Malaysia had banned yoga. Yes, yoga! Is this really reflective of moderate Islam? They might as well go back to the stone age and practice cavemenism. Thanks for making Islam look so silly and unrelenting. So much for moderate and modernization in Islam.

Seriously, whatever we humans do as an individual should be the business of that individual and that of the Higher Being alone. It is of no one else’s business! Life is not kindergarten! Deal with it.

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  1. Malaysia is getting whackier and whackier by the day.


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