August 29, 2009

Maggi Mee Goreng

Category: Food

Having eaten nothing throughout the day, it is of no surprise that my doughnut dinner this evening wasn’t nearly enough. Actually though, I’m feeling more greedy than hungry; so at about 10.30 pm, I decided to whip up a quick comfort food, transforming this:

to this:
Ta-daaaa!! My own creation of Maggi Mee Goreng. Just stir fry chopped yellow onion , sliced chillies, cubed taters and beef slices before adding in the softened mee and seasoning from the packet. Add some black sauce, light soya sauce, egg and veggies and continue stir-frying at 15 minutes TOPS!
I know it’s not a good thing to be stuffing myself at such hour of the night. My mom would probably freak out with a “maggi again!” if she knew. But, oh well! Maggi Mee Goreng happens to be the ideal food for supper, taking me less than 15 minutes to whip this up.
Besides, this under-rated dish always brings back fond memories of sharing a plate between 2 or 3 friends in Tioman trips and after-hours silly chat sessions with a bunch of loony friends.
To me, there’s always small space for a bowl of Maggi Mee Goreng, even if it seems unhealthy.
Which reminds me…I need to top up our Maggi Mee ration next time we are back in Singapore!

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  1. Silver Bullet

    Ta-daaaa! :p. Funny, hee hee

  2. Kim

    Sigh … you gave me ANOTHER food craving. Babe, you hurting my weighing scales, you know? 555

  3. Kim

    Oh, when is Tioman going to pop up in our travel plans again ah? Its been a few years eh?

  4. yes..tioman! got to plan for that one somehow!


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