August 30, 2009

The Dice Man

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This is one of the books I was lured to buy upon reading the description of a man who, out of boredom turned to the dice life. It is an interesting concept for me. The “what ifs”. Interestingly, the name of the author and the protagonist of this story is the same, making the fictitious nature of this book almost believable.

While reading the book, I did somewhat toy with the idea of letting the dice decide my everyday decisions. The “what ifs” and “under normal circumstances no, but the dice say so” sorta thing intrigue me. I think it has something to do with how it was being written, and somehow brainwash you to want to test your fate with the dice. Not that I would, but I thought about it and still do sometimes. The “what ifs”. I’m being reminded also that this book probably has a higher tendency to play with your mind, considering the fact that the protagonist , Luke Rhinehart is the psychiatrist in this book.

My only gripe about this book is that it failed to engage me to the very end. I could not even bring myself to go through the last 100 pages because it became draggy. I simply lost patience with the entire theatrics, which I deem damn bloody irritating. Overall though, the book started off great – there was a lot of comedy and it also motivated me to want to experiment with the die life in my head. Very unfortunately, it went astray from halfway to the rest of the way. Pity. Or I could have been a convert and let the dice decide if I shoud go to work tomorrow and suck it up, or go to work tomorrow and pick a fight with everyone, or stay in bed all day long, or blog all day long or not etc. The possibilites of the choices you created are out there. Choose 1 or 2 dice and assign the numbers to all the probabilities. Then sit back, literally throw your caution in the air and let the dice decide.

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  1. Silver Bullet

    Uhhh, would appreciate it if you keep using your common sense instead :p. Something tells me that living your life by the dice will lead to a world of trouble…

  2. but but but…trouble can be so much fun! :p

  3. Silver Bullet

    Aren’t you in enough trouble as it is? :p.


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