April 24, 2017

The Lonely Snowman


The Painting from Squirt:

“A lonely snowman. He cannot find anybody to play with”

Squirt’s Painting

Or as it is stated in Dutch there: Het schilderij van (Squirt). Er staat een enzame sneeuwpop. Hij kan nieman vinden om mee te spelen

The caption of his painting had me first in stitches and then scratching my head! Since when is he ever lonely?

Not only I had a hard time identifying the snowman (Silver Bullet’s keen eyes pointed me to the green scribbles on the left), reading how he had captioned it made me went,“Awww…you poor thing!”

While not exactly Picasso material, this was one of Squirt’s art pieces that stood out from the kids’ recent after-school program which the teachers had painstakingly put together for the whole school. (We couldn’t figure out Spud’s because she has forgotten to put her name on any of her crafts that were exhibited.)

While I was wondering if somehow was projecting his loneliness, I also know that it can’t be so bad because be it in school or in the daycare, he always has someone to play with. No question about that.

Squirt is like our little Ambassador; every kid in the neighbourhood seems to know him. We could be anywhere in the neighbourhood – the supermarket, the town fair or the little suburban shopping mall we have here, more often than not, there’ll always be a kid calling out after him the moment they spot him. At times,  the next call out being just seconds apart from the previous kid(s). 

It’s hard to fathom that he’s a lonely child especially he makes friends so easily. His teacher says he talks a lot. Like all the time. Hence I’m incline to believe that he isn’t all that lonely despite what the caption captured. 

That said, I also wondered if he had made that painting during winter a few months back. At that time, we made snowman and we parked the poor bugger right outside our house.  We then left him all alone (the snowman, not Squirt) till he went lopsided and melted away.

Our lonely snowman
Squirt rolling the snowman’s head

During that time, there weren’t so many kids outside for him to play with too and if there were, the kids around the neighbourhood are all mostly only girls. He’s usually quite peeved with that and he’ll then find something else to do. Like trying to roll his own sneeuwpop (see above)

My guess is that Squirt’s thoughts must have transported him back to the snowman and the surrounding sentiments while working on his panting. Nah…I’m not worried. A kid can be lonely and they’ll be fine. 

Squirt’s a funny kid; he still is one of the happiest and most easy-going chap I know. He certainly ain’t lonely; he’s just our cheeky little sunshine with a knack for giving his parents something to think about every now and then. 

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  1. He certainly got your gray (or grey) cells working. 😉

  2. Great art! It’s creative … interesting he gave the snowman emotions, actually. Very mature. I agree that it’s not time to worry! If I were a snowman, I’d be lonely, too… People only make one at a time, right? Never a buddy snowman!

    • Yeah..I thought it was interesting that he gave emotion too. When I asked why, he just said he felt like it.hahaa
      If you read Calvin & Hobbes though…he makes more than buddy snowman. He made all the freaky ones! LOL


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