January 22, 2012

Keropoks, Fishballs and Cheese

Category: Baby Milestones
Keropok (Singapore/Malaysia), Krupuk (Indonesia) or Kroepoek (The Netherlands) – What is it?

A popular deep fried snack crackers made from starch and other ingredients (usually fish or prawns), and most popular in parts of East and Southeast Asia.

Really tasty and addictive especially when dipped in sambal or chilli sauce. Can be really fishy, but still one of my favourite all-time snacks!

(Silver Bullet hates the fish version)

Fish balls – What is it?

Made from fish instead of meat, they are very common food in Southern China, and apparently in Scandinavia, too.

Can be eaten as sides with noodle soup, in curry with rice or on its own.

Especially good when deep fried, and dipped in, of course, chilli sauce. My favourite comfort food since I was a child.

(Silver Bullet will not have any of these)

Cheese – What is it?

Needs no introduction.

Definitely Silver Bullet’s all-time favourite. For him,  the smellier the better, even if they smell like rotten feet!

(I like the milder, younger cheeses. I don’t do smelly –  they are revolting!)

 So. What do they all have in common?

Apart from the fact that they all can smell a bit funny, I bet you would not have guessed for a second that we found out over time that these junk (more for the keropoks and fish balls as opposed to the cheese!) have turned out to be  one of Spud’s favourite snacks!

Funny how that is and all i can say is that it is a testament to Spud’s true mix of Silver Bullet European and my Asian heritage.

I hope it stays that way and it will be nice to share my love for fish with someone else in the family.

Woo hooo! 🙂

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