September 14, 2010

It’s genetic

Category: Baby Milestones

Poor Spud has been attacked by a nasty case of atopic eczema in the last few days. Initially, it started off as baby acne but we noticed that her ‘baby acne’ had gotten progressively worse in the last week, as more of her face was covered with those pimply-like rashes. It was clear that she was somewhat bothered by it last Friday, and we were told by her Pediatrician that applying Vaseline on it will make it better in just a few days time.

We took her advice, but by Sunday, she got extremely bothered by it as her condition worsened. She seemed annoyed and irritated. She would not stop fussing and was whining the whole day, especially at night. The tell-tale sign was also that could not keep her hands away from her face as the angry, red rashes spread to almost her entire face. It was then we decided that we ought to seek for a second opinion and requested for a Pediatrician who specialises in allergies.

Upon consultation, it appeared that her atopical eczema is most likely caused by either detergent or food. Which means, I really have to watch what I eat and that we are going to be smelly since we have to eliminate all those lotion, fragrances and the normal detergent  or softener for the time being.

The worst thing about this is, apart from applying the cream which the doctor prescribed, there was very little else we can do to reduce her sufferings. We both feel helpless and it was heart-breaking to see her whining in her sleep throughout the night yesterday; robbing us yet another night of slumber.

The good news is, her eczema is looking so much better today after 2 nights of treatment.

The bad news is, the chances of her inheriting our genes for allergies are pretty damn high since both Silver Bullet and me are chronic sufferers of allergies!

Poor, poor Spud.

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  1. Yikes!

    My baby has ecezma too, it was really bad in the first month. We have been using this lotion on her every day and it seems to help. Oh, we bought a humidifier too.

    Lemme know if you wanna know what lotion it is!

  2. Josephine

    Oh, This is so pitiful. We feel so sorry for her, but also for you. I am happy that her eczema looks much better now. Take care!

  3. Vicky

    Oh dear. Poor Spud. 🙁

  4. Kim

    Poor poor Spuddie! Aunty Kim can totally empathize with her!

    So happy to hear that she’s on the way to recovery!

  5. @ Boo: Yes, please!!! Would love to know what lotion ur using. Especially if it works!! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  6. I am using California Baby’s Calendula cream. I swear by it! May seem a little expensive at first, but $ well spent!

  7. @Boo: Thanks fo rsharing!! I haven’t been back for a while…where do u reckon I can get my hands on them in SG?

  8. You can get it from Mom’s Essentials.. there are outlets in kk hospital, suntec city and that new mall in tampines. I dunno which is nearer for you.

    Some Watsons are stocking it too! i bet you can find it in BKK.

    You need me to mail you some?

  9. thanks Boo! 🙂 I have been looking for it in BKK, but havent seen any so far. my bro is coming by for a visit soon, so I’ve gtten him to buy and bring it along. Thanks for your kind offer though!!!


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