September 12, 2010

Stressful Sunday

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Never dismiss a doubt. Neither should one agree to a dismissed doubt that quickly. When faced with one, check and double-check. And then just do another check again just to be sure. If we had done exactly that, we would not have come home to this:

Our dining table caught fire. It could have been worse had it not been for an alert neighbour and a quick action from the staff of our apartment building.

Long story short: I did not know any better of the actual content of some sort of an incense-smoked belt I was told to wear on my waist for two whole hours as part of my post-partum massage therapy. I had only worn it for about half an hour and then decided to un-wear it as we had to rush Spud to the hospital for a bad case of rashes. While there was some skepticism of leaving the “smoked-belt” on our dining table before leaving our home, we were convinced that nothing untoward would happen. I had worn it just the day before too, and also did not complete the whole 2 hours routine.With Spud being our priority, we soon forgot about it as soon as we closed the door behind us.

What a mistake! How silly of us. The idiots that we were, we  got a rude shock the moment we came home as we stumbled upon one of the maintenance guy at the elevator who tried to describe the situation to us in Thai. As soon as we opened our door, we were greeted with a rather smoky apartment. The entire place stank of burnt object.  Apparently, somehow the belt started smoldering and was smoking away. They detected the smoke just about 10 minutes before we got home.  I could feel the blood drained out of my body almost immediately. It was a scary thought. TEN FREAKING MINUTES.

Luckily,  apart from a slightly charred dining table and a stinky home, nothing major happened. All the cats are fine, with all other things are intact.

My nerves are not doing so good, though. With Spud unwell, there is only so much stress I can take for the day. She’s been fussing real bad for a few days because of her rashes.That incident of nearly causing a fire was an unnecessary occurrence.

We certainly are the idiots that we were.

Lesson learnt: When it comes to safety issues, NEVER. EVER DISMISS. A. DISMISSED. DOUBT. No matter how trivial it may seem.

I am going to slap myself purple now and then try to sleep it off. Of course, Spud permitting.

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  1. Kim

    HAIYO! Scary can?!

    Hope you’ll get sufficient rest and recover from this soon.

    So, need to buy new belt now ah?

  2. Unless they change the dining table soon, the mark is a constant reminder.

    No lah..the belt was not mine. Belonged to the masseuse.

  3. Vicky

    Thank goodness the fire didn’t get out of hand.

    Chalk it down to another “experience”. 🙁

    Incense burning belt? Talk about putting fire in/on your belly! Doesn’t sound very comfortable or sane to me.

    How’s Spud rashes? Due to …??? Something she ate? The incense?

    Poor cats!

  4. Anonymous

    I think fudge got abit scarred, he seems abit black! Hahahak

  5. @Vic: an “experience” alright! Not really incense..apparently some rolled-up herbs where the smoke helps to reduce swelling of the womb. the toruble with a chicken and a duck language!


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