July 31, 2015

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Avocado Milkshake (Es Alpokat)

Es Alpokat or Jus Alpokat is a well-known, refreshing beverage found in Indonesia or most Indonesian Restaurants. It’s made with avocado as the main ingredient, is milkshake-like and sometimes, they are made with coffee.

It has always been my favourite authentic Indonesian beverage since I first discovered it in my youth when we traveled to Indonesia with my parents. I’ve also preferred it without coffee – a strange thing because I’m such a coffee addict.

Given a choice, I’d drink it everyday if I could. It’s made with super food and is pretty healthy for consumption. The kids love it too! Unfortunately,it’s not something we can do that often because at more than 2 USD per fruit, it would deem a little too expensive for an everyday consumption.

In that respect, I think that the Indonesians are lucky to have access to locally grown avocados that are not too expensive. Bummer that they aren’t they growing avocados here in Bangkok.

These days, it has been more of Silver Bullet’s specialty. He’s perfected the technique and using just the right amount of ingredients such that it isn’t too sweet, too thick or too thin. It’s too yummy not to share!

Avocado Milkshake (Es Alpokat)
Serves 2
A refreshing Indonesian-inspired beverage for any time of the day!
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 2 avocados
  2. 2-3 tbsp condensed milk
  3. 2-3 tbsp evaporated milk (you can also use fresh milk)
  4. 100 g palm sugar
  5. 100 ml water
  6. 1 glass of ice-cubes
  7. Some chocolate syrup
  1. On medium heat, dissolve the palm sugar in the water. Slow boil for 5-10 minutes to reduce it to a syrup
  2. In a blender, combine avocados, condensed milk, evaporate milk and ice-cubes
  3. Add the palm sugar syrup and adjust to taste
  4. Blend them up all. You can add a little bit of water to get the desired thickness (consistency of a milkshake)
  5. Coat the inside of a glass with chocolate syrup by tilting the glass slightly and drip the chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass
  6. Pour the blended avocado shake into the glass
  7. Serve
  1. Top with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry for a more festive look.
Grubbs n Critters https://grubbsncritters.com/
Whoever invented this is/was a genius. It’s a pretty heavy beverage but perfect for any occasion and can be consumed at any time of the day. In fact, just typing this recipe makes me crave for a glass of avocado milkshake – I want it right here, right now!


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Next week is our Monthly Mystery Munchies week with Gen of Eat, Play, Clove happening on 1st Friday of every month where we’ll be posting up our recipe(s) from several ingredients/theme which we both had agreed upon. The twist is we don’t know what the other person would be dishing up and we’ll be posting it up about the same time. My turn to come up with the challenge this time. Don’t forget to pop by! 🙂

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  1. i have to admit, never heard of avocado in a milk shake…Might need some getting used to… 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, Ann! Hugs and smooches!

    • LOL. Lots of weird stuff coming from this part of the world! And I’m a certified weirdo. Hahahahaa! Let me know if you ever get round to trying it. Sending you some shakes-loving for the weekend! Muaacccks! x.


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