November 18, 2013

Corporate affairs

Once upon a time, I ranted about younglings in the corporate world who would thought nothing about wearing short shorts to work. I have captured my sentiments in a post I published here, and at one point, had even wondered if I was just being the conservative tight-wad. In my defense, I think not.

A few more years went by since then, and the corporate fashion scene seemed to have evolved beyond just short shorts to something even more eye-opening and radical than I could ever imagine.



Either I must have missed the greatest ever fashion revolution to come to work dressed in the boyfriend’s over-sized shirt after a hot night of nooky and about ready to settle-down for breakfast in bed, or I’m just being a typical tight-wad-nit-picker who thinks that it is completely inappropriate to dress like that. For work. And for someone who has got quite a senior title attached to her.

It was hard to look at this person in the eye, let alone take her seriously. It took a lot of effort on my end to block the image away while I repeatedly told myself, “Thou shall not judge” as I hardly even know her.

Still. This was one of the most radical corporate fashion sense I have ever came across in my entire career, and I bet, had she been my direct report, I would have sent her to the nearest shopping mall to get herself a pair of pants.

Like I said, it was an eye opener. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

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