November 6, 2011


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This was probably the weirdest conversation which took place between Silver Bullet and me recently:

While I was busy on my laptop, out of the blue Silver Bullet went, “I have too much corn!” while showing me a handful of dead skins which he just scraped off his foot.

Then with a look of magical wonder on his face he exclaimed ecstatically, “ And that is only 1 foot!”

He got my attention from what I was doing alright! Had I not looked to him, I would imagine that he was talking about those yummilicious yellow corns, and I would be wondering why in the hell he would be talking about it knowing full well we have no corns stored in our fridge. So, anyways,  I looked at him incredulously, raising one of my eye-brows in acknowledgment (sorta) and thinking that it is probably the lamest thing he ever told me.

I did not really know what to reply to that, and went back to what I was doing. And honestly, it was not something I particularly really wanted to know about.

5 minutes later, he went, “I wonder if I am now less corny”

WAH LAU, EH. Champion, can!

You should have seen my face… my husband. The goofy, corny guy. The guy I married and the father of my child said what?

Silver Bullet can be so candidly and shamelessly corny sometimes. The only good thing about it was that he made me laugh and I could not stop laughing for a while after that. Not because it was hilariously funny, but how incredulously lame and corny he can be.

It was one of those days, and certainly one post worthy for the blog!

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