August 15, 2011

Cook a pot of curry!

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I don’t usually click on random event invites sent from my facebook contacts, but I made an exception on this one event because:

The long and short of it is that basically, the so-called “CMC” is a bunch of fuck-all morons, and I think that it is just rude to be insulting such divine food like the authentic Indian curry cooked by your next-door Indian neigbour! [The link to the article can be found here]

Truth be told, Indian curries are one of the bestest food in the world, and something not to be trifled with. To me, the “smellier” the curry, the better it tastes!

Just to make a point on how much I love my curries, I even posted the invite as my status update (something which I never do) PLUS invited more friends to join in the event! (something I also don’t often do!).

So, in support of this cause and celebrating “smelly curries”, I am going to be whipping up my own pot of curry this Sunday.

I am a Singaporean and I am proud of our curries and I am disappointed that a 3rd party could act as a mediator in support of a non-Singaporean to stop fellow Singaporeans from cooking curries in their own home! How ape-shit is that?!

What I find heart-warming about this is that they now have more than 40,000 people “attending” the event, and even managed a mention on Channel NewsAsia! How cool is that?

Somebody by the name of Samuel Vedanaigam quoted this on the comments page:

“I love my fellow Singaporeans!! We the citizens of Singapore, we are the most unique bunch of people, we fight with each other for the little’s things , we are best of friends ,we love our Neighbours, we hate our Neighbours, we marry our fellow Singaporean no matter what race, we hog the roads , we are bad drivers, we speak singlish so no one else in the world can understand us, but when you step on a another Singaporean, we leave our char kuay teow, Roti prata, nasi padang, kaya toast, bacon and eggs and we all cook curry!! United we stand with curry powder in one hand! “

I have to say that it was very well said…makes me feel very Singaporean, indeed.

Curry on, people! Make this Sunday 21st August a curry day for your family. 🙂

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  1. Vicky

    I was looking for this article to post on my FB. Thanks!

    And yes, bloody @#$%&#%@ PRCs

    And what if they were told not to cook pork!!!

  2. ur welcome!

    but pork no smell mah…unlike curry! :p


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