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Adventures From the Backyard

Trust the kids to have keen eyes in spotting the tiniest of bugs, insects and whatnots hiding in the bushes as we adults stay oblivious to our surrounding as we walk past them. (Funny how they cannot

On the Road

Currently travelling and I’m a little bummed with the lack of blogging time I’ve had so far. I was told that Spud got sick on the very day I landed and her fever shot up to 39.4

It’s All About the Interpretation

This is a re-blog and one blogger’s interpretation on connecting and communication, correlating the intricate world of internet and social media to that of a mother nature’s world-wide web. A really clever, creative take on the interpretation and

When nature smiles…

….you will be smiling too! Source: Twitter It’s amazing how one can capture the nature’s beauty just by being at the right time, right place, right moment. It’s even more amazing how such image can be captured

The beauty of nature

Just had to share these amazing pictures that came from my Twitter feed in the recent weeks. Unfortunately, I am not able to give due credit back to the original source as I have no idea where