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Top of the World

Have you ever had moments when for no apparent reasons, random words just trigger a melody or a song in your head, and then you would be humming that song for days? I’ve always have moments like

Favourite Colour

In a recent workshop which I attended as a delegate representing my office, I was exposed to one of the more  interesting ways for a facilitator to get participants in a workshop to introduce themselves. Before the

Feeling Peachy

Being able to find the time to dish out home-made meals has been a luxury as it has been something I haven’t been able to do as often given my work commitment at present. Sometimes, the thought

How to sketch like a pro!

This is super cool stuff and whoever did this how-to,  makes drawing a still-life spoon looks amazingly easy. Had I tried to attempt this, I am pretty sure it would turn out to be something not so

The one with the latte-cat

This is one of the coolest latte arts I have come across from someone else’s FB posting: Just observe the intricate details on that, and tell me that you have the heart to drink it all away