January 9, 2014

Feeling Peachy

Category: Food

Being able to find the time to dish out home-made meals has been a luxury as it has been something I haven’t been able to do as often given my work commitment at present. Sometimes, the thought of being on my feet just to cook doesn’t seem too appealing and honestly, isn’t really at the top of my agenda for the day especially after a really long day at work.

But, despite feeling exhausted from work and then having to tend to the kids as well as thinking that I could barely move a limb thereafter, this feeling of needing to cook will just gnaw at me. The thought would gnaw at me so bad that even though I convinced myself that I should take a rest that evening, the overwhelming desire to “make magic” in the kitchen would be only thing that consumed my head for hours  and the only thing I could think about till I eventually succumb to the little voices in my head.

When I could no longer stand it, I would then raid my fridge to start with something simple…but would somehow often end up with making a couple of (initially unintended) dishes along the way. My feet would be throbbing, I could just feel the exhaustion and sometimes I curse myself for it, but I continue anyway because I just could not stand not doing it.  Don’t ask me why; it just happens that way as my brains steers my limbs in auto pilot.

We decided on a simple chicken curry one fine day and it was (initially) the only dish I had in mind. But, as the curry started to bubble away and the aroma of the flavourful dish filled the kitchen, I contemplated the thought of making Roti Jala – a perfect curry-combo and something which I haven’t served up in a long, long while; one that would keep me in the kitchen for hours on end.

Hmmm…NOT something I would be even thinking about, considering how knackered I was that weekend. While the thought had excited me, I had extreme inertia as well. Unfortunately, the thought had been planted and mulling over it for one night didn’t help. In fact, it fueled the urgency even more and as soon as I got the chance the next day, I got busy in the kitchen doing things I should not be doing.

I may have been exhausted, and my feet throbbed like mad but as soon as I was done making all the Rotis, I realized that despite all the initial inertia I had, I really am happiest when I get to be in the kitchen.

Happy, happy me!

The simple pleasure of being able to produce food for the soul from my humble kitchen was pure magic and it truly was overwhelmingly satisfying. And, seeing the immense pleasure of family members enjoying the food I made especially for them makes it all worthwhile.

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