July 14, 2015

Basket-Weave Raffia Flats

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Look what came hand-delivered directly to my home when I was not around:


In this black and mysterious looking package, therein lies a box of shoes, with a simple hand-written note attached to it from Zalora Thailand.  How’s that to fuel my little shoe-whoring habit on the side?

It’s been a long while since I feature shoes on my blog; mainly because I haven’t been looking at them much or haven’t had the intention of buying them as I haven’t found anything I really like. Besides, work and kids have been keeping me off the streets – I’d be mad to be trying to squeeze time to go shopping.

And, if you don’t already know, I generally hate shopping, unless there is a pressing need to. I find it to be a chore; online shopping and browsing items online included. I am also very picky so I don’t bother trying to look hard for things that I could potentially like to spend unnecessary money. 

But, when Jin contacted me a couple of weeks ago and suggested a collaboration, I was floored! It was yet another unexpected surprise to get some…hmmm..call it “recognition” if you will,  in the blogging world following my recent monthly collaboration debut with World of Moms. I’m truly honoured by this opportunity and despite my sentiments towards shopping, I’m only too happy to oblige after not-so-much deliberation.

Besides, this just gives me things to talk about on my blog.

Jin provided me some links to peruse for me to choose one item: Slingbags, Dress and Shoes. There were so many items to look at and initially, I was convinced that I was not going to find anything I fancy enough to feature. Admittedly, part of me was also a bit lazy to browse.

But I took my time, looking at each link at least twice over to make sure I did not miss anything. 15 minutes later, I actually found one or two items from each of the category which I like, and would very much like to feature.  The thing was, I was allowed to pick only ONE. Bummer!

My choice narrowed to a dress and a pair of shoes. Had I picked a dress, it would have have been this:

Embellish nek mini dress zalora

It looks great for work and I love its chic design as well as the subtle textured fabric. I also love how the site works as not only it is easy to navigate,  and when it comes to sizing, it’s got a handy virtusize feature where you can measure the dress you already own to compare the size. Nifty! I almost did that, only, my biggest issue is that I can’t see myself parading in that dress (or any dress) on my blog! I’m not a model nor a fashionista and really, I wouldn’t and couldn’t do the dress any justice. 

So I picked a pair of shoes instead and I thought that the Basket Weave Raffia flats looks like a cool little number. For me, this shouts unique, a little quirky (very me!) and comfy. I informed Jin of my choice and my size, and I received the package 2 days later. 

Unfortunately, I have pretty big feet for an Asian and even though I informed Jin of what I thought was my right size, the shoes were a size smaller. (One of the reasons why I usually refrain from ordering shoes and apparels online.) My feet practically over-flowed and they looked like stuffed sausage! Dammit.

So here we are: my pretty big feet on a puny body with a swanky pair of new flats which I presently can’t wear because it’s a size too small. It’s a great pair, but I can’t say that putting up pictures of bulging feet with a pair of nice-looking shoes will be very flattering!

Here they are  WITHOUT my stuffed-sausage feet in them (you are welcome!):


I really do like the design. It’s fuss free, easy to slip on and easy to match with my everyday wear. My only hope is that,  it doesn’t give me any blisters from all the walking that I have to do.   

Jin has been really kind and accommodating to exchange the size when I told her about it. The most awesome part about this is that I get to keep the shoes and I’ll be getting the right size in a couple of days. Can’t wait to get my feet into them. 

Thank you Jin and Zalora Thailand! You made an ordinary blogger like me very happy and blessed, indeed. 🙂

Here’s to the first with Zalora, and hopefully, many more! 


Brand: Zalora

Cost: 381 THB (that’s less than 15 SGD)

From: Zalora.co.thWomen Shoes – Ballet Flats


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  1. Lovely dress and shoes look comfy! I’m all about being comfy in my old age, lol. Have a wonderful day!

    • They do, don’t they! I love the dress actually. Trying hard not to to succumb to buy it. I find consolation with the fact that they probably don’t have my size. I’m considered a Plus size in Thailand!!! LOL. And yes..me too, COMFY is everything…hahaahaa!I suppose it does come with the age! 😉

  2. You are definitely a stylish woman. Those shoes also look practical….great combination.

    • You are too sweet! I hope you realise that wasn’t me there! LOL There’s definitely some Science in that combo! ;D


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