July 13, 2011

Baby Wearing: The Rucksack Carry

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When I started on this baby wearing journey, I knew there was no turning back.

What began as something out of necessity actually become a passion, one of which I am an advocate of. I am always curious on the various types of baby carriers there are out there and the various ways one can wear a baby.

Despite Spud being extra squirmy these days, I still love wearing her in The Wrap or my Mei-Tai when we are out and about. The decision to use either one really depends on my mood, although I generally prefer The Wrap mainly for its versatility, because I can be quite unpredictable when it comes to the various methods of how I want to tie the wrap at any one point in time. I use the Mei-Tai only when I feel lazy, and it works faster too, for when Spud’s cranky.

I have been experimenting with the Rucksack carry recently in my bid to carry Spud differently such that she can look outwards when she’s being worn. I had some help from Silver Bullet on my first attempt, and I must say, it was quite comfortable to be carrying Spud on my back like this.

However, I have not made it out of the house with the rucksack style yet, simply because, I still need a lot of practice! This method of wearing Spud is more tiring, especially so when she decides that she isn’tgoing to corporate and starts squirming away …

For now, there is no way I can accomplish the Rucksack Carry with the wrap all on my own.

Hats off to Mommas who can do this effortlessly…check this one out. Like one of the comments stated – she totally killed it!

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  1. Vic

    Looks like you are getting ready to go out to the padi fields. hahahaha ;D
    Must ask the kampong women how they do it with the sarong everyday 😉
    Rural folk in Asia have been doing this for centuries 😀

  2. bwhahahhahha! padi fields! 😀

    the kampong women are real experts in this, and they didnt spend a lot of money on the cloth too!

    and yes,ur right! baby wearing with a wrap has been around for centuries! 😀


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