July 5, 2011

Baby Food: Steamed Cauliflower

Category: Baby Food
Here’s a recent batch of newly introduced food which I have painstakingly prepared for Spud…

…which happened to be just a bunch of the not so appetizing steamed cauliflower, roughly mashed up and ready to be frozen.
The kind of food that I, as an adult, do not like to eat ….but for some reason, Spud has shown a great interest to it. Dare I say, actually, love ’em cauliflowers!
It’s bizarre how I am actually feeding her stuff that I don’t eat myself; things like pumpkins and celery to name a few.  Well, rather her than me, I’d say! 
Digressing to another topic here, I thought the picture quality taken with my Canon Powershot S95  turned out great!
(Ok. the picture, I admit looks quite weird and I don;t know why; perhaps a little out of place with angle experimenting. But it still is a sharp image though!)

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  1. Josephine

    The reason for Spud to love cauliflower is because of her Dutch roots!



  2. Vicky

    Yes this one turned out to be pretty sharp. Can rotate the pix before posting lah?

  3. Helen

    Bahahaa, its so true, i feed mine brown rice – BLECH!

  4. Mothers can be so hypocritical! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Glad that she is eating well!

  5. @Vic: actually, I did rotate it! haahaa. I’m such a nut!

  6. @ Boo: We ARE really so hypocritical! hehe..hee. But shhhhhh…babies don’t know that yet! :p

    Perhaps i spoke too soon abouther eating well…

  7. @ Helen: U’re so right. Brown rice is just yukky! I cannot even begun to eat those things. Not to mention, no matter how much water you put, it still won’t be as soft as white rice!

  8. @ Mum: Soon she’ll be enjoying bitterballen and poffertjes, too!


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