February 23, 2013

All things pink

Category: Being Parents

If Spud knows the tune and lyrics to one of Aerosmith’s songs, she would probably be belting out this out:

Pink, it’s my new obsession, yeah
Pink, it’s not even a question
Pink, on the lips of your lover
‘Cause pink is the love you discover
Pink, as the bing on your cherry
Pink, ’cause you are so very
Pink, it’s the color of passion

Pink makes me cringe.

The sight of anything pink is enough to make my eyeballs roll to the back of its sockets in a nano second as the dopamine in my brains plummeted to the lowest low, while my body pelted out goose bumps all over me.

That’s how much I dislike pink. I happen to think that pink is an ugly colour, and it is a colour which I have an intense dislike for since I was a child. And, and as a child, I had always wanted to be different – I hated the fact that everyone else was wearing pink to death. It was way, way too girly for my liking, and to date, I don’t think I own anything that is remotely pink (some shades of pink on my clothes are sometimes just unfortunate, and I make sure that they are very minimal).

That being my sentiments on the colour pink, I have purposely kept anything pink at bay for Spud. I expose her to any other colours but pink, hoping that the ‘what you don’t know, you don’t miss” mantra might work on Spud’s preference for colours.

Of course Spud has her own grand plans – she has very well entered into the pink phase now; perhaps thanks to her peers and the influence she gets in school. Whenever she gets the choice, she chooses pink amongst other colours. Pink tops (used to be purple, but faded to pink with many washes), pink rubber bands, pink underwear, pink “noodles” (a floaty thing they have at her swimming lessons) and whatever else that comes in pink.

She refuses to wear her yellow underwear and insisted on wearing a slightly over-sized white underwear because there was a small PINK imprint on it. I don’t usually make a big deal out of it, but I want to bang my head against the wall. I really, really do.

What is it with little girls and pink? Red, yellow and green are nice too! Where did the obsession with pink come from?

Sigh. As much as I hate the colour myself, I realise that I just have to grit my teeth and let her enjoy her pink phase. If I am lucky, she’ll get over it soon enough. If I am not, then she’ll love pink forever. Arggghhhhh!

This pink phase is agonizingly cruel.

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