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My First Interview Featured on Expat Blog!

A few weeks ago, Yuliya from Tiny Expats posed a few questions for me to answer and since them, I have promptly forgotten all about it the moment I hit sent in reply to her questions. Last

Writing 101: Your Voice Will Find You

Today’s Prompt: Think about an event youโ€™ve attended and loved. Imagine youโ€™re told it will be cancelled forever or taken over by an evil corporate force. How does that make you feel? It was the biggest 2-day

Sunday Humour: Parenting 101 – Flying with Kids

To their credit, the kids behaved very well in the long 11+ hours plane journey from Bangkok to Amsterdam a few days ago. ย The in-flight movies kept them at bay for a few hours, and when they

#Writing 101: To Whom It May Concern

Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. Whatโ€™s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. Write the post in the form of a

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Tumeric Fried Rice with Chicken Nibblets

There is absolutely nothing not to like about Fried Rice. It’s tasty, it’s yummy, it’s filling and oh-so-versatile! Got left-over steamed rice you don’t want to throw away? Fried Rice. Got left-over chicken/beef that you don’t want