Monthly Archive:: November 2013

Bangkok making headlines

Bangkok has been making international headlines of late with the recent surges of protests happening in all around. There have been a lot of people on the streets,  but the tension has not (yet) reached the level of

200 Baht fine

If I were the authority, I would put at least two more zeros to this sign: With the average household income in Bangkok registering close to 50,000 THB  a month (or 48,951 THB to be exact according

My undignified conscience

My heart ached today. It was filled with resentment, anger, exasperation and deep-seated frustrations all combined that I feel like I just want to give up, walk away and never coming back. Not the kind of feelings

Chicken, Potato and Leek Pie

Found a new do-over favourite from one of my recipe books that’s really simple to make if pressed for time. True to my little recipe modification obsession, I  have been pleasantly surprised that it turned out great.

The lone moth

Something caught my eye as we passed by one of our usual landmark buildings when I was walking Spud to school one morning. It was almost too easy to miss, but somehow, the unusual silhouette I caught