Monthly Archive:: June 2013

A 60-minute meal

Excited with his previous attempt of dishing up a quick meal, Silver Bullet decided to, once again, race against time to whip up one of the recipes from Jaime’s 30-minute Meals book. He really was quite determined

Happy Friday!

The sight of goofy Daffy Duck brought a smile to my face when I got in to the office this morning: I have to snigger every time I see such reminder on the last Friday of the

Pushing thin

My life has been such a bed of roses raising a 3 year old toddler whom by now, is much easier to handle. It gets easier to explain things to her as she understands better. She makes

Classic black

A classic pair of black shoes is a must-have in any women’s wardrobe. I love mine in the form of (surprise!surprise!) wedges – which is a pretty hard thing to find these days. Black wedges are versatile.

The haze and App

With the unprecedented smog level making headlines in Singapore since last Friday where PSI Index had hit record breaking levels in history, I, too, fell victim to being PSI-obsessed. My excuse was legit – I was only