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@ The Bum

 A handful of people appeared sceptical and raised an eyebrow (or two) when I said I’ll be giving birth in Bangkok instead of glorious Singapore. They had genuinely asked about the standards of medical services here in Thailand.

The Recovery

[Warning: A lengthy blog post] It has now been more than 20 days post my C-Sect and I still don’t feel a hundred percent. My recovery since the delivery via Cesarean has been pretty slow. While my

The Last Stretch

That last stretch of the pregnancy was a rather trying time for me. Not only was Spud almost one and half weeks overdue from the estimated delivery date (EDD), there were also no signs whatsoever indicating that


We recently noticed a new specimen of plant in our used-to-be empty pot at our balcony. Don’t exactly know where they come from, but I’m pretty certain none of us had planted what looked like a mimosa plant

The road to "freedom"

Looking back, I did have a relatively easy pregnancy. There were small inconveniences; but unlike most stories I have heard, I did not have terrible morning sickness or having to do any bed rest or have to