December 20, 2008

Xtreme 100% Natural

Category: Cats

This catnip spray works wonders for cats who just can’t keep still. There’s something about catnip that drives them crazy. They become subdued and docile; accompanied by a “high” look in their eyes. It’s quite is fun to watch them go crazy rolling themselves around with their toys where the catnip was sprayed on. We have tried the different catnips before, but so far, this works the best for them. It does seem like they are having endless fun for about 15 minutes while on it.

Catnip facts:
Approximately 15% of all cats do not possess the gene needed to respond to catnip. Cats less than 6 months old rarely respond. Catnip added to food will often coax a finicky cat to eat.

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  1. What does catnip do exactly???

  2. Redjade

    One of the better summarized answers from several websites explained that the active ingredient in catnips, Nepetalactone, stimulates chemical responses in cats causing them to become energized and wild.It triggers behavioral changes as the aroma send them in a state of friskiness and excitement.


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