February 23, 2015

WPC [Rule of Thirds]: Birth of a New Mom

Category: Being Parents
A01 MTH - Copy
Credit: Silver Bullet, 2010. Spud at 4 weeks old, after a massive meltdown

Memories in the early weeks of having a newborn is all, but hazy by now. The small details vague and the feelings I know I experienced seems quite distant now… benignly forgotten, and likely distorted by severe sleep deprivation, frustrations, fears and confusion while being in the moment.

It feels like a lifetime away, yet the above picture had triggered remnants of memories in my early days of motherhood, amidst tears and being “high” from fatigue, trying to figure it all out.

The “witching hours” I remember well. It lasted for weeks from 5 p.m to 7 p.m without fail and all I could do was walk Spud around the house as calmly as I could while humming “Yellow Submarine” over and over again. (Why Yellow Submarine by the Beatles I have no idea, but it was that one song that could calm her down during the witching hours).

Facing away from the camera was a new mother overwhelmed by emotions when her child finally stopped her incessant crying. The newborn,oblivious to the chaos she had caused earlier, finally was calmed enough for this shot to be still-framed.

My life is forever changed. The birth of a mother when a newborn was born into this world has indeed just begun.

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Rule of Thirds

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  1. I remember the births of my children, the memory of labor pains … My reply was too long so I created a blog about it if you would like to read it. https://metalflowermaker.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/memories-of-birth-dont-fade/

    • Thank you Amanuensis! That’s great that you created a post about that. 🙂 Yes, I have read it and will leave comments over there.


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