April 28, 2010


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I’ve only just discovered that I’ve grown myself a whiskered bonsai. How funny looking is this?

Yep! Indeed it is that same bonsai I raved about a month ago or so. Strange that it’s growing sideways on both ends, and each is about the same length too! I reckon it’s probably time to trim it. Only, am kinda clueless on how to trim or prune a bonsai correctly. Knowing me, I may jolly well end up killing it…!


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  1. Vicky

    Yes time for a trim. Get Silver Bullet to do it or teach you how. 😉

  2. Silver Bullet doesnt have a clue…but then again he has more patience than I do :p

    been googling on this, and fatique sets in…

  3. Kim

    This is the Society For Plants! M’dm? Pls put down your shears nice & slow …. Pls keep your hands where I can see them …. That’s right …. slowly, slowly … and with your hands up in the air take 5 slow steps away from the bonsai. I’m watching you m’dm! Please follow instructions … Nice & slow … That’s right … No sudden movements please. Don’t make me take you down…

    HEE HEE!

  4. do they actually do that?! or this is just your over-active imaination? :p

  5. Kim

    Blame it on my rabid consumption of US police & cop AND medical dramas. 😀


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