April 9, 2016

When You Can’t Decide Between Wanting to Drive or Take The Train

This happened two weeks ago in downtown Bangkok. It bordered between plain stupid, funny and downright dangerous:


Photo Credit: Twitter @Stickboybangkok


It happened in broad daylight on a weekend at about 8-ish or 10-ish in the morning if I remember. We were just a BTS station away. 

No one was seriously hurt; although it could easily hurt some unfortunate and unsuspecting soul who happened to be walking on the pavement or walking down the stairs which rightfully belonged to the rights of the pedestrians.

It boggles the mind as to how the car ended up on the pavement, where clearly  it is not meant for vehicles.  

Begs the question: WTF was the driver thinking?!

Welcome to Thailand.

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  1. Kat

    Good thing no one got hurt!

    • Tell me about it, Kat! But accident rate is high in Thailand and I;m actually more surprised to hear that people don’t get hurt, because they usually do!

  2. Texting and driving? Certainly not watching the road! Thank God no was hurt!

    • God knows! or probably still drunk from the night before and on the way home early in the morning. How could anyone not see that big barricade separating the road and the station. Boggles the mind. I’m more surprised that no one got hurt as Thailand has one of the highest road accident fatalities in the world. This one was surprising.

  3. Nice car, though. 🙂

    • Hahhahaa! I’m glad you noticed, Jas. But not so nice anymore after that and I hope the guy is fully insured. :p

      By the way, there are LOADS of nice cars on the road in Bangkok. I think it is safe to say that 3 out of 5 cars are usually either BMW/Mercedez/Ferrari/Mini/Porsche…or you’ll see all of them at the same time! Crazy, eh!

  4. I wonder what actually happened though, but I’, sure it was great impact or else He wouldn’t be on that pavement. You said Thailand has high road accident, I disagree..Kuwait still Tops the worst place for driving..Really. It tops the accident /fatality in the whole world.

    Good thing no one was hurt in there.


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