November 24, 2011

Toe rings

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The typical women’s best friends of bling-blings are not, and have never been “my thing”. In fact, the only bling-bling I own is my engagement ring. Okay, and one more item –  a pair of diamond earrings. Both of which, I received from Silver Bullet as a wedding gift.

And, to me those are just about quite enough.

However, if there are 2 things I feel naked without, it would have to be my left earring (for the outer ear rim at top of my ear – also called pinna piercing) and my toe rings; and for as long as I remember I have been wearing them forever since I was 18.

Image from Google. (My feet is such a wreck these days!)

I’m not sure what it is about toe rings, but I happened to fall in love with it at such a young age. I must have seen it somewhere around mostly amongst Indian women, and for some reason, unlike nose rings, I thought it looks rather nice on the feet. At such an age, of course, I was ignorant (and later found out) on the fact that toe rings worn  by Indian women is usually to denote that these women are married.

Rarely was I asked why I wear toe-rings, but when I do get asked (mostly from Indians themselves), they are surprised that I would wear such a thing.

I guess to me, when I started out at a tender age of wearing toe-rings, it was nothing more of a fashion statement. To a certain extent, it was also somewhat to fuel the need to be different from the rest and perhaps, even out of rebellion.But above all, I just think that toe-rings are cool. (I still do!)

So anyway, toe rings have been a part of me, and recently I lost one of them. Made me feel pretty bummed as that was the last of the spare toe-rings I had in my junk jewelry collection. Because it is so hard to find toe rings here for me to get a replacement in a jiffy, I was without a toe-ring on one of my foot for almost a month. (Shock! Horror!)

While I tried not to think about it, I was quite disturbed as I don’t think I ever felt so naked.

I finally managed to get a bunch from MBK – and that was after an hour of searching, and right at the eleventh hour just as I gave up and was about to make an exit out of the building.

I made sure I bought a few all at one go, so that if I lose one of them, I can replace them easily and not get caught dead without one on each foot.

I now feel fulfilled again.

Toe rings can be real sexy.

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