April 23, 2009

Tanzania Day 5 (1st half): Serengeti via Olduvai

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This has got to be the most anticipated day by far as our Guide has been slowly building up the climax since Day 3

Before moving on to the Serengeti, however, we had a short stop at Olduvai Gorge, also known as the “cradle of mankind”. This was the place where they had first discovered and excavated some of the ancestors of homosapiensAustralopithecus boisei and Homo Habilis. I didn’t find anything significantly interesting about this place, really. What caught my attention was really the sight of Black-Faced Weavers eagerly waiting at our feet as we were eating out from our lunch boxes. There weren’t pesky at all…they were just patiently waiting for falling crumbs!

We were just glad to get out of the Gorge after the obligatory visit to their museum and listening to a lecture to finally make our way to the Serengeti. It was quite a drive from Olduvai and along the way, JC had to make a stop in the middle of nowhere to fix his 4WD. There was air in the fuel injector and very fortunately, JC used to be a full-time mechanic and the issue was solved in less than 15 minutes. Not that we minded the wait at all…in fact, JC has just given us more photo-opps to capture fabulous sightings on our way to the Serengeti!

Olduvai Gorge
The eager weavers at the Gorge
Leopard Tortoise trying to cross the road. JC stopped the car and we moved it away from a possible road-kill. We later thought that the tortoise was probably cursing us in causing its delay to it’s next destination; which probably had taken the bugger half a day to move just 50 meters!
A dung beetle moving the shit and an Arcacia tree inhabited by ants in its fruits.
Car trouble? Hakuna matata (no worries). Take photo!

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