April 19, 2015

Sunday Humour: An Ode to All Mothers

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Aren’t we all? And I speak for myself on this one.

I mean, how else could I explain my action when I picked up whole scoop of newly bought ice-cream off the floor when Spud had accidentally toppled over from her cone?  I swear I did it purely out of reflex!

Spud was devastated. Her face, aghast, clearly upset that she dropped it. Squirt was never going to share his and I was not going to buy her another one as a replacement.

So what’s a mother to do?  Within 0.58 seconds,  I picked the fallen scoop off the relatively clean-looking floor with my bare hands, scrutinized it, used a wet-wipe to hack off the bits where it had fallen off, gave it a lick all around (yes, me..I sacrificed myself…yeah! I know, eeeewwwww!), and placed it back on her empty cone.

She was good to go. (and I pretended that no one saw me)

My logic: If there were any germs, they would be in my stomach first. 3 days later, neither Spud nor me showed any signs of stomachache.  We were good.

Gotta love wet-wipes.

Just don’t try this at home.




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  1. I love this post. Sometimes protecting your child’s delicate emotions are a much more important consideration than being sanitary! What we don’t do for our kids….

  2. Nice save! I would have done the same thing. Emotions are more important than germs anyway! Bonus points for this stunt!

    • LOL! Gotta to love bonus points! Makes me feel like the superhero I’m supposed to be and a whole lot better that there might be other parents doing the same! :p

  3. I can tell you are not married to a Swiss ;)) well done Mama!

    • LOLROTF! If you tell the Swiss Man that the ice-cream was really, really huge and that it would go to waste (plus all that $$ you spent), would that have been a saving grace? :p

  4. Wet wipes are awesome and saved you a tantrum! That is a winner in my book 🙂


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