November 1, 2017

Summer Road-Tripping Day 16 to 19: Eger to Villány, Hungary

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We’ve been travelling for more than 2.5 weeks  when we drove to Villány (pronounced as Villa-nia), a town in the opposite direction of Eger about 366 km away. We were still in Hungary and it took us close to 4 hours to get there.

Destination: Eger to Villány, Hungary

I don’t quite remember how the drive went but I remember refusing to entertain the thought that by now, we only had 3 more nights of sleeps before we start the long, long drive back home. It was not a thought I was willing to entertain at that time.

What’s in Villány you ask? I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

In Villány
Out and about…
They are everywhere! 
And there… 
And here…
When dusk set
While walking about
Up ahead…

Villány is an idyllic town most famous for its wine but is also a home of rich architectural heritage and beautiful natural landscape.

Where we stayed for our 3 nights there, we were surrounded by lush, green mountain terrains filled with nothing but fresh grapes. Our windows overlooked the vast area of the vineyard that seemed to go for miles and miles and it offered a beautiful sight at sunset.

Shame that the owner of the place was quite a tad grumpy to the point of being unfriendly. 

The people there speak mainly Hungarian (of course!), plenty of German but with very little English and almost no Dutch. We got by with Silver Bullet’s understanding and some conversational skills of not-so-bad German. The fact that we did not get lost and that we weren’t starving indicated that he did pretty well.

We walked about quite a bit and chilled quite a lot. This was also the place where the kids enjoyed the most when we took them for a day out at a nearby waterpark.  Along with their Papa, they rode the waterslides , big and small to their hearts’ content. 

Back at our hotel, they loved running about the open spaces and they went absolutely bonkers on the trampoline for hours on end. It was a joy to watch them so happy and so carefree. It was as if time stood still.

When the moon decided to show up
View from our room

Then just like that, our 3 days in Villány were over.

But not our trip. Yet. We still had 2 more sleeps before we were headed for home that was 1,500 kilometers away. We had more than 16 hours of drive ahead of us with 2 more mandatory stopover. I was already dreading the road to home…

Next up: The Last leg covering Austria and Germany

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I hope that being surrounded by all those grape fields that you indulged in some great Hungarian wine 😀

    • Oh yes!! This is one place I;m sure you and your wife will be very happy to go to. Imagine all those fermented liquid grape juice! 😉 Cost nothing, too!


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