February 18, 2011

Starting on solids

Category: Baby Food

Starting Spud on solids felt like one of the more exciting moments to break the mundane routine of just feeding her breast milk and more breast milk. (which, for me means pump, pump and more pumping!).

As soon as she hit 5 months old, I just could not wait to get that first spoonful of solid into her tiny little mouth, hoping that she too, will be a foodie like her parents.

Given my penchant for cooking, I was more than happy to prepare home-made food with organic ingredients as recommended by various sources. For weeks now, I have enjoyed boiling, steaming, mashing, pureeing and then put them in the ice-cube trays to be frozen. It does make me wonder though how long the novelty of preparing food for Spud will last!

So far, Spud has been fed with carrots, taters, sweet potatoes, brown rice, broccoli, mangoes, papayas and apples. All are pureed. Applying the 4 day rule as recommended, we only gave her new food after every four days. By now, we are able to mix and match them as her stomach has not shown any signs of distress.

With the exception of papaya, potatoes and sometimes broccoli, it seems like she can get use to solids. She especially loves mangoes, carrots and apples and will usually open up her mouth willingly. Even when she was done being fed, she would continue to open her mouth wide as if to ask for more!

It is exciting to watch her taking in the solids. In the meantime, I’m very much looking forward to expose her palate to more food variety. And, until I get uber-lazy, I’ll continue with home-prepared baby foods just because I enjoy doing it.

Apparently we can start introducing chicken when she hits 7 months…and that is just a few weeks from now. Exciting, right!

Baby-food recipes…here I come!

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