September 26, 2016

A Rare Alignment

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Having lived with cats almost all of my life, I would not know what it would be like NOT living with one. Or two. Or three. Three being the most number of cats we’ve had and that was only in the last 9 years.

No, we do not intend for any more of them. Cats (AND kids). Yes, I am very sure. Plus, the 3rd cat we have had been an accident. Yes, that very cat also fondly known as Fudge.

While our 3 cats may not necessarily like each other and/or the kids, they all have silently pledged with an agreement that we shall peacefully co-exist. They mostly tolerate each other (and the kids).They’ve got us acclimatised with their presence even though they may not necessarily be seen for hours since they spend most of their time sleeping in their favourite hide-outs.

Cats are funny creatures with their own little quirks. Sometimes we don’t see them around and being indoor cats, we KNOW they are at home. Somewhere. Somehow, they just choose a no-show. 

Sometimes, they follow us around and are constantly hot on our heels. So much so that if we don’t pay attention, we could accidentally trip up on them and we’ll be the ones with broken necks. Even when we do pay attention, they would decide with a jump dead right in our tracks, threatening us with a broken neck. 

Sometimes, they just meow at us for no reason. Or chide us with a stern WTF meow when we sneezed our heads off. 

Sometimes, one of them would bring us toys. Or catch imaginary (or real) flies. Or lizards. Or roaches. But when there are real flies/lizards/roaches, they may just decide on a staring competition, do nothing, yawn, stretch and carry on as is. WTF right?

You never know with cats. They do whatever the fuck they want and they get away with it.Bloody annoying.

Then they purr like engines on steroids and snuggle up which they don’t normally do. Making mortal humans like us melt. Bloody annoying.

These cats, they have their allegiance. Unwritten rules exist between them. And because of  that along with their individual dynamics with one or the other cats, no matter what the circumstances are (unless we dump them all in one carrier),  we could never get 3 cats together, at one place, all at the same time. That would be inviting a trouble.

Then every once in a blue moon, the strangest thing happened: 

A rare sighting


That at the least unexpected moment and with no camera in your hand  in that particular instance when you would usually have your phone with you but not at the time which you needed it,  you faced an image that you know will not possibly last another second. You then swiftly tiptoed, gently retrieving your phone while you hope they all stay in position for just 3 seconds longer.

It was one of those precious but rare moments – that when you look up at the stairs and the cats are perfectly aligned. Pun intended.

High above everyone. Looking over you like guardian angels. Purposeful. And you wonder if they know something that you don’t. Almost creepy. 

Just as quickly, one of them broke out of the form as if awaken from her state of meditation.  They dispersed just right after you tapped the snap button. And all you got was an out of focus picture.

The next cycle for a clearer sighting, unfortunately, cannot be determined. 

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  1. Like the saying goes, dogs have owners cats have staff. They are finicky little creatures. I wouldn’t mind having a cat. DW is so allergic that we can’t. Cool picture!

    • They so are, it’s unbelievable. Shame that DW is allergic to cats and luckily for her, she’s not allergic to hamsters and birds. Or that’d be sadder. But you know, Eric… both Silver Bullet and I are allergic to cats. When the allergy attacks, we are done. But luckily nothing too severe we can’t be around them.

  2. Cats have always been a mystery to me. Strange and adorable creatures.

    • And annoying. Especially if one decides to pee on my bed, on my rug and in my bag! :/ But too adorable that while I rant and get mad and threaten to give them up, I don’t have the heart to follow through. When they decide to behave, they are so adorable that I sometimes overlook everything else. I’m suckered. :/

  3. I know exactly what is like living with cats. There was one point in my life that I did have three cats, but unlike yours, mine would all snuggle up somewhere like the laundry basket. But trying to get the phone to catch that great site, and it’s gone. I think cats may have picture radar.

    • Spot on, Karen. They do have picture radar, I think! How else could anyone explain their quick reflex to not be in a picture?
      What happened to your cats? Laundry basket is usually a good spot for most cats. Unfortunately for me, one of my cats used it as his litter box every now and then. So we did away with any laundry baskets!:/

  4. Oh, how cute they are! That was a Kodak moment for sure!

    • Right? I’m so happy I managed to quickly snap it, but also annoyed that I couldn’t snap another one soon after. Darn cat! They really do have camera radar!

  5. How true, having had several cats, and so funny that they aligned like that…makes you wonder! And my fluffy kitty would never be able to catch a mouse, but does stare – which is usually how I learn we have one…

    • I have to laugh about your fluffy kitty. I so can see her staring…and does nothing. hehe! I wonder too whatever made them aligned perfectly like that…
      Speaking of catching a mouse, do you know there’s an app for cats? We d/l just for fun and our cats go crazy on our tablet. Hilarious!!

  6. Oh that’s funny… cats are interesting creatures… Watching ours with the two dog he definitely seems superior. So very different to the dogs who follow what we tell them to do (well, most of the time). Sometimes I think he watches them and shakes his head in disbelief…

    • Wow..2 dogs and a cat! That’s a fun dynamic! I can imagine what the cat would think..especially when you see that smug look…

  7. That stairs pic is awesome. If it were dogs, I’d say you set it up. But cats? They’d never allow that! 🙀🙀🙀

    • Right? I just caught them just in time!! You are absolutely right – the cats are the master of me; they’d never in hell allow that.


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