October 1, 2011

Snack Catcher in Review

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Ask me what the hell this weird looking container is a year ago, and I will not for the life of me be able to tell you what it is for.

Back then, as a clueless parent (and still sometimes clueless, but getting slightly better at it!), I don’t have a clue as to what this alien looking thing might be.

And, the only reason I figured out its usefulness was because recently, I started getting tired of holding Spud’s snack container for her. I thought she is now perfectly capable of holding the container herself; the only thing that stopped me from giving it to her was because it was a container with a lid that has to be taken off completely. And to prevent spillage and massive mess, that means I have to constantly hold the container out to her for her to fish out her snack with her little hands. Which, can be tiring!

That was when everything clicked. Suddenly I recognised what I saw at the departmental store more than a year ago. What I thought was just another waste of money gimmick then turned out to be something quite useful. (I know, DUH! Right!)

So we bought this Munchkin Snack Catcher container and discovered that not only does it keep its contents in place, it is also quite a novel way to distract Spud for when we get stuck in traffic or for when she gets impatient while being strapped in the car-seat. It’s a brilliant invention, this!

It did not take Spud long to figure out how to use it and it was actually a sight to see how she was able to figure out what to do after Silver Bullet showed her a couple of times on how to retrieve her goodies the first time. Also interesting to see how she now shows a stronger preference to one type of snacks and separate out those she did not want whenever I mixed in a few different types of snacks together.

For now it works really well to keep her occupied. I’m just wondering how long it takes before she realizes that she can also take the lid off, and dump all the snacks everywhere and treat it as another fun toy…

Step 1: Ready…get set…
Step 2: Go! (Concentrating real hard here)
Step 3: Slow & steady wins the race
Step 4: Into the mouth!
Step 5: One more time! (And she did not realise that I have been watching her)
And. Completely off from the Snack Catcher topic, I actually became a make-shift hairdresser too, and decided to trim her hair myself. It was getting quite messy and so all over the place that it was driving me nuts!
The picture above is the aftermath of a combined 10 minute cut over 3-5 sessions for several seconds per attempt. Now that I have convinced everyone (and myself) that I am no hairdresser, I count my lucky stars that her hair will grow again, and that Spud is just a baby and will not remember any of this anytime soon.

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