February 11, 2011


Category: Baby Milestones

Sleep is just never enough even when Spud has started sleeping through the night since she was slightly less than 4 months old. While it is great that we can now get about a maximum of 7 and a half hours sleep with hardly any interruptions on most nights, the sleep we get is just not enough.

We still wake up in the morning feeling extremely exhausted, eyes heavy, and body limp. It takes a lot of effort just to reel ourselves reluctantly out of bed to retrieve the little imp from her room who is wide awake at 6 am in the morning and all ready to play.

Sometimes, I think I feel more tired now than I was when we had to wake up several times a night to feed Spud. I put the blame on severe sleep debt – a classic case of new parents who, over time just could not get sufficient sleep. Judging by how it goes so far, I reckon it will take more than just a few days of good night’s sleep to pay back the sleep-debt I incur after months of sleep deprivation.

Ahhhhh! How I miss those times when I can just sleep till after mid-day and do absolutely nothing while lying in bed even when I’m awake, and only to fall back to sleep again. I miss those early mornings when after opening my eyes, I realised that it is not even 8 am yet, and I can just turn over, pull up the blanket, throw a pillow over my head, turned off the alarm and snuggled in next to Silver Bullet and snoozed away for a few more hours in bliss over the weekends.

These days, I can only dream of being able to sleep in. If I dream at all, that is; since most nights, I am almost completely dead to the world if the baby monitor does not show any signs of beeping.

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