June 29, 2010

Short shorts

Category: Thaism

Call me anal and conservative…but really! I balk in disgust whenever I see younglings who come to the office decked out in short shorts. I am, of course, conditioned in my entire working life that shorts (short shorts or not) are typical no-nos when it comes to office attire. While spaghetti-strapped tops are almost always allowed, some kind of decency and professionalism in attire has to be maintained by putting on a jacket whenever you go for a meeting.And that’s usually something one can get away with when working in an office environment. Now, with shorts typically, it is hard to cover up; unless of course you decide to don on a sarong over it.

Maybe I come across as a tight wad when it comes to such things…but in my (professional) opinion, wearing short shorts to the office is just something we don’t and should not ever do. I have in my time chided my staff nicely (and in private too) when I see them in short shorts….especially if we have to go for a client’s meeting. Sad to say, the staff in question did not think I have the right to comment on her dressing even though I was her direct superior then and became extremely unfriendly to me thereafter. I did hear that she was not too happy about me commenting on her and told her peers that she did not like me very much for it. It was obvious that she thought she did not do anything wrong and that short shorts are perfectly an alright ensemble in a professional office environment. Obviously, my comments fell on deaf ears…
I bumped into this particular staff again today after not seeing her for more than 3 months since I moved to a new team. I was actually walking right behind her. Needless to say, she was wearing her signature attire. Without much effort, my eyeballs went a-rolling. It was a shame that I was just a tad too late in taking out my phone to snap a pic of her from behind in her short shorts!

Is it just me being a tight wad or do people of today’s generation really think it is cool to go to the office in shorts and hot-pants? The office really isn’t a runway or a beach front, is it.

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  1. Vicky

    Huh? Can wear shorts to office meh?
    I was chided for wearing culots once upon a time. And they were up to the knees!

  2. There’s no official dress code, but I thought it’s common sense. Apparently, some people either don’t have much of common sense or just don’t really care. I would think that culots which tend to look like flared skirts or just oversized pants would be acceptable! TiT!


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